CNC plasma flat work

Utilizing our 5’x10′ CNC table and software to nest like thickness products, multiple pieces can be cut quicker with less scrap output, providing a lower cost/quicker product to the customer.

Sign Design and Fabrication

Taking your digital sign/logo/wording and bringing it to reality. Whether the location is indoors, outdoors, mounted on a pole or placed on a concrete base, we are able to fulfill your needs/requirements.

Machine design and fabrication

With our employees having a Mechanical and an Electrical engineering background, our company is able to provide turnkey solutions for machine builds as well the ability to create specialized prints and schematics for your own equipment at a lower cost than other competitors.

By having a mechanical background and an exceptional ability to learn in an adverse environment, we are able to provide you the same services as companies that specialize in one area of equipment or services.

We understand that your needs can be different from another’s but that shouldn’t mean it has to cost you more money.

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