About Teague Technologies

Teague Technologies, LLC was founded to enable the average Joe/Jane to be able to get their dreams of wall decorations, mancave items, custom motor mounts, signs and so much more to reality.  

The founder of Teague Technologies, Chris Teague, has a degree in mechanical engineering and is well versed in electrical engineering.

After spending part of his career working his way from a Maintenance Tech to Plant Technical Manager, he realized that an office job just doesn’t cut it.  

Chris’s main desire is to help people and be challenged, whether that is when he is running fire/ems calls for his local volunteer department or simply helping a friend/neighbor with any metal fabrication needs.

“My wife and I were shopping at a local store and she was talking about how she wished they had a way to just take an image of hers and make a wall decoration out of that.”

It was at that moment when the creativity and desire to help kicked in together.  With the technology and software in place, Teague Technologies can take any picture that you supply and convert it into a piece that you can hang on the wall or any other mounting avenue.

Being well versed in 2D/3D modeling software and the ability to cut 1.25” thick material, Teague Technologies is not limited to just “metal art.”

As a small startup business, being able to perform everything a standard fabrication shop does is difficult, however there are areas that we compete in and do so very cost effective.

 While others view equipment as the most important aspect of their company, Chris views information/education as the key to success and states, “In order to be able to make a machine or a part for a customer, you must first be able to understand the process and how it works.”   

Other than the CNC plasma cutter, Teague Technologies is capable of bending materials using a custom press brake, machine with a mill and lathe and weld a variety of materials through various methods (Tig, Mig, SMAW, and brazing). 

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